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This service is based in South Australia. See link below for details of services in SA.




All states and territories have public health services in the areas of sexually transmitted infections and in sexual assault. Not-for-profit non-government sexual and reproductive health services also exist in all states and territories.

Capacity to deal with people with physical or intellectual disability may vary considerably. I suggest you check relevant websites and follow up with phone calls to ask if a service can be provided.

Some specialist disability services with consciousness about the specific vulnerabilities of people with a disability also exist in some places and these are listed where known. If anyone notices any details which are out of date or incorrect or a service not listed, please email me.


Other States & Territories



Sexual Health Clinics:

Healthy WA:

SECCA: Health Quarters:

Sexual Assault Resource Centre:  


Family Planning Tasmania:

  • HOBART (03) 6273 9117
  • LAUNCESTON (03) 6343 4566
  • BURNIE (03) 6431 7692

Sexual Health Service Tasmania:

Sexual Assault Support Services:

Legal Aid Referrals for Sexual Assault:


True Relationships and Sexual Health:

  • Sexual Assault Service (07) 4031 3590
  • BRISBANE  Education (07) 3250 0240 Clinic (07) 3250 0200
  • CAIRNS  Clinic (07) 4051 3788 Education (07) 07 4031 2232
  • GOLDCO AST Education (07) 5531 2636
  • INALA Clinic (07) 3281 4088 IPSWICH (07) 3281 4088
  • ROCKHAMPTON Clinic (07) 4927 3999 Education 07 4921 3655
  • SUNSHINE COAST (07) 5479 0755
  • TOOWOOMBA Clinic (07) 4632 8166 Education (07) 4632 8166

Sexual Health Services in Queensland:


THE JOURNEY OF SELF!/Disability-workers/c/18401033/offset=0&sort=nameAsc!/Traffic-Lights-App/p/62862236!/Feel-safe-app-for-phone-&-tablet/p/57318487/category=18401033

My apologies. This page is out of date and in a bit of a mess.When I get some time I hope to upload a range of new links to online resources and other webpages and removing some of the existing links.  

Recommended Resources and Links

The following resources can be accessed after completion of training provided by other training providers and registration forms completed on the websites of the organisations named.

Rules About Sex: This flexible resource from SHine SA references Australian law and provides a catalogue of line drawings and background images which can be combined and layered to produce tailored social stories and teaching tools about public and private, consent, social forms of dress, body parts, sexual behaviour, getting help and so on.

SoSAFE Resource: This resource is an excellent tool for helping break down the types of touch that are allowed in different types of relationships and friendships, the steps in building friendships, and identification of the social gaps in a person's life.  A new version of the resource is now also available to those who have completed the training.  Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT run the training in the ACT and NSW. Family Planning Tasmania run the training in Tasmania. Ask if other states may be available upon request if numbers allow.

The following resources can be accessed and downloaded directly:

National Health Service UK Resources:

Puberty and Sexuality Pack, for Children and Young People with a Learning Disability from National Health Service, Leeds, UK. Award-winning manual including worksheets, images and lesson plans. Free download.


True, relationships and reproductive health Resources:

Disability workers page link:

True (formerly Family Planning Queensland) have produced high quality sexual health and disability education resources for many years. The following page has links to their current selection which includes material booklets, packages or apps on menstruation, safety, touch, etc. Some are free. Others cost.


Below are two free True apps that are specifically worth downloading:

Traffic Lights: An interactive app from True relationships and reproductive health, for parents, teachers and other workers trying to assess the relative normalcy of sexual behaviours in a minor. Free download.

  Feel Safe: An interactive app from True Relationships and Reproductive Health, for young learners on apple or android devices. Has six characters who navigate touch, boundaries, feelings, rules about touch, private bodies, public behaviour etc. Free download.

  Family Planning Victoria Resources:

Teaching Resources for Young People with Downs Syndrome: This page from Family Planning Victoria has links to a range of resources.

  App to help women with disabilities who experience violence to get support.


  SECCA Resources:

SECCA App: Relationships and Sexuality Resource: An interactive, comprehensive, activity- based learning tool. The app is accessed online via a registration process. Training is also available in WA.  

Relationships and Sexuality Resource: A comprehensive kit to be used by therapists, teachers and health professionals. SECCA also provides training in the use of this resource.

Sexuality, Relationships and Your Rights Resource: Registration results in an email that enables a download link to the complete Sexuality, Relationships and Your Rights resource as an interactive PDF.  SECCA also provides training in the use of this resource.



Step By Step Guide on Managing Periods

photographic and words

  My Sex Doctor:  A London-based group of friends have put together an app with three levels, enabling easy reference for all sorts of issues and questions. Not a disability specific resource but one worth knowing about and introducing to sexually active young people.

T he Challenging Behaviour Foundation:

This U.K. based service is not international in terms of direct service provision, but there are  great fact sheets and other reading material on hand at this website.

The adjacent link will help you open a great fact sheet on challenging sexual behaviours in men and boys.

Giving Permission, Taking Responsibility