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I am the youngest of eleven. I am an amateur botanist, gardener and nature lover and a tragic writer of fanfiction. I live in North Haven with my spouse, a carpet python and too many plants.

Acknowledgement of Ancestors and First Peoples

My father's people were townsfolk from Liverpool, Northern England. My mother's people were farming people from the English midlands who settled in Barunga, South Australia as labourers and mixed farmers.  I pay respects and regrets to the Narrunga people of Barunga and surrounding areas, who were displaced by my ancestors and their employers.

What I am passionate about

I am interested in working with people who are also passionate about respectfully helping persons with any disability to:

  • manage or co-manage their own sexuality, relationship or sexual and reproductive health needs
  • socially integrate to the best of their ability.

Simple solutions which harness the strengths and preferences of everybody are often the best. I am interested in working with people to find these solutions.

I enjoy introducing people to some of the wonderful communication and education resources that have been especially developed to support learning about:

  • sexuality and sexual health
  • healthy relationships & respect
  • rights, responsibilities & boundaries

Several of these resources may be borrowed from various collections. Some can be bought online or downloaded. See Links and Resources Page


As a male I am most strongly positioned to work with males. I have worked in sexual health for over 35 years and am familiar with many women's sexual and reproductive health needs and issues. Given that most young women would prefer to be learning about these matters from another female, I can use my networks to find an appropriately skilled woman if this is required. I am open to working with gender-questioning people and their families, but am not an expert in transgender issues.


It can sometimes be an uncomfortable and ineffective professional working relationship for a vulnerable young person with disability going through puberty and encountering social media platforms to learn about sexuality and relationships issues from an older male who does not operate socially in those spaces or speak the lingo. My choice to work with younger clients will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, but it will be the exception rather than the rule. I am probably more useful for adults.

Who Am I?

My name is Ralph Brew. I am the sole proprietor of a small business focused on the sexual education and relationship welfare of people living with a disability. I am an educator, trainer and counsellor.


Law for Community Workers  (Legal Services Commission, SA/TAFESA)

Graduate Certificate in Disability Studies (Flinders University)

Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment (TAFESA) - currency has lapsed

Diploma of Counselling (Australian Institute of Social Relations)

Graduate Diploma in Adolescent Health and Welfare (University of Melbourne)

 Work Background:

Consultant Trainer & Educator - currentSelf Employed

Project Officer - Relationship Wise (2020-21)SA Council on Intellectual Disability

Advocate - 2016-19 (+ occasional casual) Advocacy for Disability Access and Inclusion

Coordinator: Disability Worker Education (2004-15)Sexual Health, information, networking & education, South Australia

Project Officer: Solomon Islands HIV Project (2007-08)World Vision/SHineSA

Previous employers have included: Northern Metropolitan Community Health Service, SA Mental Health Service, Family Planning South Australia, The Second Story Youth Health Service, AIDS Council of South Australia.


I have made a decision at this point in time to not become registered as an NDIS service provider. This means that for individualised work I can be paid by people who self-manage NDIS funds or have a third-party manage their funds.  Agencies can choose to subcontract my services or pay me fees for provision of training to staff.

Charities Supported:

This business donates to Epilepsy Centre, MS Society SA, W&J Cultural Custodians, & Feast Festival.